Three Twelve Co.


Our mission is to create tailored events, both small and large, that leave you with something you'll keep forever: an experience. We collaborate with local (and beyond) business owners, creatives and chefs with a heavy focus on women in business. 


What to expect at all Three Twelve Co. workshops:


-       Connect with others in a light, bright and clean atmosphere

-       Make at least 1 new friend, if not more

-       Feel included and cared for; loved and respected

-       Learn something new and have fun in the process

-       Take home memories of a day truly well spent, surrounded by people who share a common interest in creating + connecting

-       Know that your money is well-spent due to the curated supplies, tools, lunch + drinks provided. We would love to offer lower-cost tickets but as we don't do "trades" with our talented features, food, supply or alcohol vendors - we make sure you get what you pay for and that our features also get paid for their work. $5 from every ticket purchase goes directly to The Family Place here in Dallas, Texas. 


Three Twelve Company was founded the day owner, Lauren Lee was watching everything in her life fall apart (or so she thought). Lauren looked around and saw that her online bakery, while being featured on multiple Food Network shows and with products being sold in several local coffee shops, was FAILING. After 4+ years of juggling running the bakery whilst also working multiple jobs, attending culinary school and still settling into life in the U.S. after moving back from over a decade spent overseas in the Middle East, it felt like all was lost. It felt like every latenight up until 3am baking, every back and forth drive to pick up supplies, every stressful cake delivery, every ounce of blood, sweat and tears poured into her passion was wasted. Little did she know, this was actually nothing more than one door closing so that a new door could be walked through.


 Lauren had recently become a believer in Jesus Christ, and subsequently got sober from alcohol, and thought she was being ‘punished’ for her past. While having a breakdown in her car and wondering why so many negative events were suddenly taking place in her life, she asked God for guidance and came to the decision that it was time to start something new. Something dedicated to resolving the issues weighing herself and her community down. The issues of loneliness, racism, judgmental minds, a disconnected society, money-driven motives leading to jealousy, unhealthy competition and ultimately separation. After searching for helpful verses in the Bible, she came across the following scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:12 – “For I know there is nothing better in this life than to do good and be happy while you are alive.” This verse caused a lightbulb to go off in her head and she realized that, while she didn’t have the power to change the world, she did have the power, through God, to make life better for those around her, even if for a few hours at a time. To help people come together and create beautiful things, learn new skills and connect with others around them. She knew she could create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, beliefs, races, cultures and ages in which they could all take a break from the world and be like children once again, learning something new in a world of high-speed everything and overflowing knowledge.


In November, 2015, Three Twelve Co. was founded on the following principles:


Community over competition

Women’s empowerment

Connection through collaborative and creative experiences


The goal:


To create, over time, a solid foundation and platform for local (and beyond) Women in Business to share their passions with the Dallas community.


We have learned so much along the way and cannot wait to return with our new + improved set of #sitwithyoursisters Workshops. Each workshop will feature a delicious lunch from Bird Bakery’s delicious sweet + savory offerings, bottled water, and ALL supplies necessary for the workshop plus a custom candle made by local loves The Modern Romantic.  Finally, $5 from each and every ticket purchased will be donated to The Family Place, here in Dallas. For each sold-out workshop, the money donated will provide a night of shelter for 2 different women and their daughter or son. 

The Family Place empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence.

For victims of family violence, The Family Place is the Dallas area’s leading organization delivering proven programs that address emotional and physical abuse and incest. The Family Place provides free, comprehensive services that prevent violence and fully support women, children and men on their path from fear to safety.





"The only thing that could add to the allure of Three Twelve Co.’s perfectly curated events: a hefty layer of secrecy. Located somewhere in Oak Cliff (the location is revealed after ticket purchase)"

    - D MAGAZINE  (Watercolor Geodes at a secret location in Oak Cliff)


"Sometimes, you just want to spend a Saturday with your girlfriends, drinking cocktails....trying your hand at Pinterest’s latest craze, and, of course, enjoying brunch."

    - D MAGAZINE (Flower Crown Brunch at Summerfield at Tate Farms)


"Cake is good, but a cake topped with buttercream cactus and succulents is next-level."

- DALLAS MORNING NEWS  (DIY Succulent Cake Decorating Workshop at Local Moto)